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A Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont

One of Burlington’s top destination spots since 1995, the Church Street Tavern is known for its extensive beer and wine selections, as well as some of the best and most affordable pub food in town.  The “Tavern” features 14 beers on tap, including a wide variety of Vermont craft beers, 30+ bottled beers, over a dozen fine wines and plenty of spirits to please any palate.

Much more than a typical sports bar, the Church Street Tavern’s menu has a little something for everyone including homemade chili, mouthwatering half-pound beef burgers (all fixings included) and sizzling appetizers.

Open seven days a week, the Church Street Tavern is the perfect place to watch all of your favorite sports teams on one of the many high-definition tv’s! Follow the Tavern on Facebook and Twitter for daily food and drink specials!